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Monday, December 03, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Bissmilahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hello fellas!

Today just like another days... Boring! Ooyeah. Actually I want to share something with you. Last Tuesday, my family and I went to TGV cinema at Aeon Station 18, near with my house. Heee.. Well! At first my brother and sister want to watch a cartoon movie. "Ah! I forgot the title of the cartoon." And my mom and me want to watch Twillight: Breaking Dawn - Part II. So after my mom discuss with my sibling, finally they agree to watch Twillight: Breaking Dawn - Part II with me. Ahahaha! I win.. LOL!

Honestly I say, this is my first time I am watching Twillight movie. I never follow the Twillight movie but I watch the final series of Twillight. "What the heck with me?!" I am weird, right? My god.. Taylor Lautner so handsome, okay! I love his tough body. So sexy.. "I am melts like an ice-cream right now!" Sorry Robert Pattinson. I didn't like you because of your color skin. Your color skin so pale. Just like vampire.. Kay, I know you're vampire in Twillight movie but at the real life you still looks pale. And it's make me scared. LOL!

This is the funniest part for me. I don't know what's wrong with me when I was watched the movie. At the one part, where the Aro know that in future he will died.. Only me laughing like a crazy person in the cinema.  LOL! All the person was concentrated watching the movie while silence, but only me laugh. On the time, I feel so embarrased me. And my color of face turns to red, because I'm blushing.. Actually, I laugh because Aro's reaction when he know he will die in the future so funny for me. That's why I laughing.. Don't you think that part so funny, like what I think? No?! Okay. Only me weirdo here.. *sulking* Ahaaa! The xxx part so _______. I'm speechless! And I feel so embrassed to see the xxx part between Edward Cullen and Bella Cullen. Btw, I love their daughter. So cute like a barbie doll. Especially her eyes. Omoo! So big. I am jellying with her :>

"I prefer to choose Jacob Black than Edward Cullen. Sorry Robert Pattinson :')"

Sorry for my english mistake.. Alright. Need to go now. Tomorrow I will go to Genting Highland. Yar.. Finally I'll go holiday. Assalamualaikum, ppyong and sayonara..


Shahara Perez said...

We have the same problem, I didn't watch the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse but I watched the last part of it which was Breaking dawn =)) Maybe because I got really hooked with the book that's why I don't wanna ruin my imagination because In my Imagination, I am bella and I have my own Edward haha! LOL