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Meet The Webmistress

 Don't judge me by looking at my looks. I know I'm ugly..

Named as Raihanah Ariff but just call me as Hana or Han. Exist in this world on 8th September 1997. So now I am eighteen years old. I am very proud to be Muslim. My friends like to call me as Pororo because I like to watch Pororo The Little Penguin series. Physically I am still single but mentally I already married with 손동운 since 15th November 2010. Can speak two languages very fluently, Malay and English. Wherease still learning another three languages, Korean, Japanese and Arabian.

Being Kpopper since 2009. Super Junior is my first Korean group that I like. But now I am superbly hardcore fan of BEAST. B2UTY forever! Fangirling is one of my hobby. Addict with anime. Loves to read and collecting manga. Part time work as unpaid photographer and unpaid writer. Like to make graphics and posters. Still learning how to play a guitar. Love to eat chocolate, cotton candy and ice-cream. At least, once a week I'll drink coffee.