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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

500th Followers.

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"Lewls! WTF with Yoseob's sinis smile.."

Bissmilahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hello guise!

Kayy, let me go straight to the point. Entry neh sebenarnya khas untuk pengikut blog Hana. Akhirnya blog neh dah mencecah 500 orang pengikut. Alhamdulillah.. Tak sampai satu tahun blog neh dah bertambah 200 orang lagi. Sebab kali terakhir Hana buat award untuk 300 orang pengikut ialah pada hujung bulan November tahun 2011. Untuk 400 orang pengikut, Hana lupa nak buat award. Heee :)

Untuk 500 orang pengikut, Hana akan menggunakan EXO chibi. Weee... Chibi tu cute sangat-sangat! Sobss.. Sobss.. Mesti korang macam nak perli Hana, "ada lagi ke orang gunakan tradisi bagi award pada followers?". Jyeah! Hana masih lagi mengikut tradisi, bagi award pada follower blog Hana. Insya-Allah Hana akan mengikut tradisi ni sampai bila-bila..

Untuk award kali neh, Hana tak sediakan soalan macam yang selalu Hana buat. Penyakit M menyerang pada Hana. Tu sebab Hana tak buat soalan untuk anda semua jawab.. Gatcha! Assalamualaikum, ppyong dan sayonaraa..

List of Pixel Fonts - Part I

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Bissmilahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hello guise!

Today I would like to make a list of pixel fonts that usually people at tumblr use for credit their edits/ photos. Pixel fonts suitable for blogskin user. I don't know either template designer user could use or not the fonts in blog.. Ooyeah! Pixel fonts also good for you guys put as watermark on your artworks.. For today, I just list 4 fonts. Maybe next time, I'll list another pixel fonts. Credit to dafont.com, by the wayy..

Font name : 04b03
Download linkhttp://www.dafont.com/04b-03.font

Font name : Visitor
Download linkhttp://www.dafont.com/visitor.font

Font name : Handy00
Download linkhttp://www.dafont.com/handy00.font

Font name : Minecraftia
Download linkhttp://www.dafont.com/minecraftia.font

Got to go. Assalamualaikum, ppyong and sayonaraa..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freebies : Icons - Luhan [EXO-M]

*Luhan's aegyo seriously can makes me melting*

Bissmilahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hello guise!

I don't know why, now I'm getting diligent to make freebies in this blog. Ahh! Ooyeah.. Day by day I'm madly in love with Luhan from Exo-M. Sorry to Luhan's wives.. I'm just love his cute face and innocent smile. Lalala.. So today, I would like to post some 100 x 100 icons that I made. It's LUHAN icons. Jyeahh~ Like usual, no need to credit me. Just comment me ;)

Kayy.. Got to go now. Assalamualaikum, ppyong and sayonaraa..

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Freebies : Cursor - MBLAQ

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Bissmilahirahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hello guise!

Kayy, last night I had finished watching MBLAQ Hello Baby. Omoo.. The final episodes, seriously makes me crying. The babys so cute when they're crying after saw their appas crying. Sobss.. Sobss.. This is my first time watching Hello Baby final episodes, crying like a crazy.. So today I would like to makes freebies about MBLAQ. Today's freebies is MBLAQ cursors. Enjoy it.. No need to credit me if you use it, just comment me ;)

*I'm gonna miss this moment forever..*

Till then. I wanna continue watching B1A4 Hello Baby. Assalamualaikum, ppyong and sayonaraa..