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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st Anniversary With My Fake Husband

//Why you looks so shock when you know today is our anniversary? You don't love me yet? I hate you ! *slap your cheeks*. HAHA. LOLJK :p//

Assalammualaikum !

Hello everybody ! Hmm, I think today I want to speaking english in this entry even I know my english are so trouble + worst. Uhukss :p So how your day today ?

Okay. Today is my 1st anniversary with my husband, Son Dong Woon. Seriouslyy, I'm so happy to being his fake wife. HAHA. You know what ? I love my fake husband so much even he don't know who I am. Hehehe..

Actually I want make video for 1st anniversary today but I don't know how to make video. I was trying to made the video but I'm failed. It's so sad, right ? Pity me :'(

It's a fact : I started to love Son Dong Woon since 15 November 2010, means it's last year. I love he because I'm attracted with his behaviour and personalities. He so special for me. For me he likes my soul. If you take he from me, how I want to live. So please don't take he from me. I'm begging...

I'm very want to dedicated this song for my lovely husband : Only One by B1A4

Favorite picture ever :

My dream : If I can meet my fake husband, I will kissing his lips and ask him to marry with me. LMAO :D

I Son Dong Woon till Allah takes away my life :)


EYFAalias said...

hamboi. handsomenyaaa :D

MONKƩY ™ said...

HAHA. Ofcoz laa XD

Yayatul Husna said...

ske la dye!!tgk x wktu dye ad buat performance at Malaysia..Hensem cgt!!!!


Masa dyorang perform kat Malaysia tak tengok live sebab tak dapat pergi :'(

Chazz said...

hey hana! it's been a while! good job in trying to write in English. Blogging is a good way to improve your english. I always recommend my students to write in English in their blogs too ^^ happy anniversary! lol~


Thank you Chazzie unnie for the advice and comment. ILY :)