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Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank You Everybody !

Holla-holla !

Hello everybody ! Miss me ? Not ? Oh , how dare you . I'm miss you all so much , how can you don't miss me ? I hate you lahh . Go to heaven now ! HAHA . Just kidding everybody . Since i have celebrated my birthday last week , i become so sensitive . i think this is sign for become old girl . Oh man !

Okay . I'm Raihanah binti Ariff or more known me as Hana would like to say "Thank You " so much to who are wish me for my birthday last week , 8 September 2011 . You know , i'm really appreciate till i'm crying . Ok, just kidding . I'm not crying but my tears flow slowly on my face . Heheh , it same like crying right ? LOL .

Firstly , thankyou to my classmate for make suprise party for me at Ain's house . I'm really appreciate . And, thankyou for the cake . It's so delicious . I love what you all wrote on the cake , " Happy Birthday Hana Woonie ". Aww , i'm so appreciate .

Second , thankyou to all my friend on facebook . Some of you wish me on my personal facebook account even i private the account's wall . Thankyou so much to my practical teacher last year , she wished me too . You still remember me , teacher Anith ? I love you so much , teacher Anith . I miss you so much . Thanks to who are wished me on blogger facebook . I love you .

Third , thankyou to my twinnie , because you remember my birthday . Thankyou for the entry on your blog . I'm really appreciate . And, not forget to my sweetie soldier . Thanks a lot for the special entry for my birthday even it simple . Don't worry soldier , i don't care if the entry is simple . Thank you so much . I love you both laa ! Muah muah !

Finally , thankyou for my beloved omma for the tiramisu cake . I love the cake . Thankyou so much omma . I love you so much . Muah muah ! Not forget to who are wishes me through SMS and CALLS . I'm so appreciate .

Crazy note : On my birthday , my friends ask me to twitt with Dongwoon . Them ask me to twitt with Dongwoon like this " Dongwoon-ah , today is my birthday . Hope you will wish me ! " . And , i do what my friends ask me . I twitt with Dongwoon , but i so disappointed because he not reply my twitt . It's okay , next year i will make sure that you will wish me on my birthday . HAHA !

This is cake that my classmate bought to me :

No picture for cake that my omma bought for me. That's all for today . Bye bye . Sorry for my grammar mistake . If you want read the entry that my twinnie and my sweetie soldier made for me , click here for twinnie and click here for sweetie soldier .

I love this year birthday :)


Vie Zara said...

ouh! 8 september? i'm 8 disember :3 happy birthday!! =,=

Hana ♥ said...

Haha !
Thankyou Vie Zara :)